How could fabric have done it better.

‘Contemporary organisations increasingly realise that they need to communicate with their stake holders to develop and protect their own reputations.’ Cornelissen. This quote could not be more prevalent. The communication over the last 18 years that fabric have had with their respective stakeholders has paid dividends; and after such a crisis, their reputation, whilst damaged, has been kept. Going forward, fabric must take mistakes that have been made in these events into consideration and must learn from them. Yes, they have always had great communication with the majority of their stakeholders. But as they showed before, letting their foot off the gas for just a second could prove disastrous in the grand scheme of things.

Usually seen on the dance floor, fabric seemed to have wriggled their way out of this crisis, be it picking up some injuries on the way. Predominately down to their reputation as being a community driven, internationally renowned nightclub, fabric was only shut for a few months. On the surface it seemed that they dealt with the events that unfolded with reasonable comfort. But it was a masterclass in reputation management coupled with intuitive public relations that allowed fabric to reopen its doors. Positive communication with stakeholders in a multidimensional format is pivotal for any organisation to strive, however in this case it was the saviour for fabric.


Cornelissen 2011 p39 


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