initial idea – queuing

after listening to other groups ideas in class, myself and Marley decided our project regarding disrupting the everyday would concern queuing, and the conformity which surrounds it.

the classic British stereotype surrounding over-politeness and our obsession with queuing made the idea all the more exciting. However it wasn’t until we came down to planning our photos and actually bringing the concept to a reality that we decided it would be too hard to create the perfect scenario.

Therefore we had to change our idea.


photography in class

in preparation for our final project on disrupting the everyday, we experimented with digital SLR cameras in class. We were sent off in small groups for approximately two hours and told to test out different angles and camera settings so that we became familiar with them for our final shoot.

using digital SLR cameras was relatively easy for me, as I studied photography at A level and have used cameras for many years.