end product – ‘the digital self’

this is the final video for ‘questioning the everyday’. I would have liked to have been more involved with the production of this video, and in future will put myself forward for more jobs so that i can leave my stamp on the next project.


warm up project

this video was a practice project set at the start of the term. It was designed to get us used to the camera and all of the possible angles one could use to create a video.

this project really kicked off my love with the video cameras. Naturally I am quite competent when it comes to technology so it didn’t take long for me to get to grips with the equipment. I really enjoyed this task as it gave me freedom with the camera as well as the opportunity to work in a group.

this second video was also filmed on the same day. It comprises of myself acting (supposedly anyway) whilst my group filmed. It was filmed at Ashton Manor and it again, demonstrates different camera angles and panning shots, all in preparation for our final project.

scene rundown

  1. Morning Reality – Waking up in the morning and finding no notifications or messages on phone.
  2. Morning Fake Reality (opposite to scene 1) – Waking up in the morning with confidence and almost arrogance; checking their phone and finding messages and notifications.
  3. Breakfast Reality – Eating cheap food, updating their social media with a picture of something else.
  4. Breakfast Fake Reality – Eating a more expensive breakfast.
  5. Bus Reality – Waiting for the bus on their own whilst lying to social media that they, perhaps, are getting in a car.
  6. Bus Fake Reality – Getting in a car to travel to university.
  7. University Reality – In the library studying alone, updating social media that they’re with a group of friends having a good time.
  8. University Fake Reality – In the library studying with friends and having a good time.
  9. Flat Reality – Sat alone in their flat doing nothing, bored, and continue to update social media that they’re with friends. Possibly t a party.
  10. Flat Fake Reality – At a party drinking with friends and having fun, whilst updating social media.

In all of the reality’ scenes, the actor will have a constant introversion as well as an aura of sadness to portray the tyranny of questioning the everyday. On the contrary, in the ‘fake reality’ scenes, the actor will do just the opposite. They will be confident in their persona, exhibiting an almost arrogance in their interaction with others as well as social media.