project proposal – ‘perception versus reality’

after choosing our groups for our project on ‘Questioning the Everyday’, I was very interested to hear the idea that my group had come up with and agreed on.

I was very happy to hear that the idea we will be working on is something that I share and agree with. Essentially it concerns perception versus reality. Focusing on what is apart of peoples everyday lives and how these people alter the way they come across.

Selena, our group leader, synopsised the idea:

“As from the previous week we had looked at a couple of texts which explored what you allow yourself to put out onto the internet, onto your social network, how you want yourself to be perceived. Following what Deuze’s text said, that essentially you are ‘juggling multiple versions of yourself’, it is a self creation. This gave me the basis of my idea to create a video on a person who themselves constantly question their own everyday by their online identity. Their own everyday life as a student is what is considered an ‘ordinary everyday’, they go to their lectures, eat lunch, maybe go to work, go to pubs/clubs and go to sleep. Yet each aspect of this ‘everyday’ they have, they completely change it on their social network. To create a version of themselves that is more socially exciting and acceptable. They update status’s and pictures of things they are doing that are completely fabricated, an example being they could be sat in a canteen having lunch, but they update their status that they’re in a beautiful cafe having an expensive lunch, adding a photo taken from google images to further ‘prove it’. They pretend what their everyday is, to feel better about themselves.”

In weeks to come, we will be concluding final ideas and thoughts on everything from location of the video to the props used. Then we will proceed to start filming and editing first drafts, then adjusting final edits of the video.


questioning the everyday – practice

Initially I thought I could question the mundane tyranny of an everyday routine through the portrayal of a time-lapse. This would exhibit regime as a ‘middle-man’, something people see superfluous in their day-to-day lives.

The time-lapse which I recorded was done so from a higher perspective, which again, emphasises the tedium of routine. Tie that in with the greyscale sky and the rain ridden pavements, this video shows the true sombre and dismalness that is the stereotype of a 9-5 job.

Change Locations

having nearly spent a month in Bristol, I am starting to adapt to an incredibly diverse, vibrant and independent city.

It could be argued that as a result of leaving such an idyllic, crime-free rural village, just on the outskirts of the UK’s most stereo-typically ‘British’ city, Oxford, and moving west to an area which is quite the opposite, could have startled me and been a tedious injury in my warm up to life in Bristol – but thankfully it wasn’t.

There is something about this Avon city which is enticing and almost addictive. A constant bubbling of atmosphere and life fills this place and the true diversity makes it.

Only four odd weeks into living here and I haven’t even surpassed the opening chapter in this new read.